Tektite Crystal Stone

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Much like Obsidian Tektite is not really considered a gemstone, but more considered a natural glass that is caused because of heat by atmospheric friction. The name Tektite is derived from the Greek word "tektos" which translates to "melted." The first known appearance of Tektites was in China during the T'ang dynasty in 900 B.C. Tektites are considered to be more popular as raw stones utilized for jewelry or as display pieces as well. The majority of Tektites contain opaque and dark colors, but the translucent and lighter forms of Tektite are the ones that usually are sold at higher prices compared to the others.

The formation of Tektite is quite interesting; they formed from the impact of meteorites on the surface of Earth. The material found on Earth ended up melting due to impact and was soon ejected into the atmosphere where it then fell back and cooled into what we know today as Tektite. Tektites can only be found in certain locations around the world. They tend to spread over large areas that are known as strewn fields which are mainly found to be in low latitudes. The major areas where Tektite can be found are Southeast Asia, the Ivory Coast off of West Africa, North America, and Australasia. Not only can it be found in certain areas, but Tektite can be found in certain colors as well. It can be found in green, black, dark brown, and yellow as well.

In metaphysical belief, Tektite is often found to be associated with the crown chakra as well as possess the ability in aiding in the emotional detachment to material belongings. It is also said that Tektite contains the ability to rid of any fear of the future.