Fluorite Crystals

Fluorite, a mineral composed of calcium fluoride, is often found in abundance. While it is colorless in its purest form, Fluorite has a range of hues including pale blue and yellow to purple, pink, and deep red. Due to its optical and physical properties, Fluorite is an essential material used in steel production as well as the creation of hydrofluoric acid and fluorspar. Additionally, Fluorite serves as a gemstone and can be used for carving purposes.

The mineral fluorite was first described in 1529. It is derived from the Latin word fluor, meaning "flow". Fluorite is a versatile mineral with a wide range of colours and varieties. The most common form is blue john, which has a deep blue or purple hue. However, it can also be found in yellow, green, white and pink varieties, as well as colourless specimens.

Fluorite crystals can be found in many places across the globe, including South America, Europe and North America. It has a highly varied physical structure and can come in multiple colors from purple to yellow. Due to its diverse nature, Fluorite is a sought-after mineral for both industrial and decorative purposes.

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Natural Purple Fluorite Owl Carved Crystal Gemstone 5 Oz

This gorgeous Purple Fluorite piece is in the shape of an owl. In fact, an owl symbolizes both wisdom and knowledge. The owl has been beautifully carved out with the...
$96.00 $29.00

Natural Fluorite Crystal Mineral Specimen 2.4 Oz

This lovely Fluorite mineral specimen comes to us all the way from Madhyapradesh, India. This dazzling piece contains various rich and vibrant shades of colors. It contains white, beige, brown,...
$154.00 $38.00

Natural Fluorite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

One Single piece of Natural Fluorite tumbled stones. Great as collectibles or for decoration. Thanks for shopping Gem Avenue.
$20.99 $17.00

Green Fluorite Tumbled Stone Bulk Gemstone Crystals

These enchanting Green Fluorite tumbled stones come in a variety of rich and vibrant shades of green. From dark green to light green, our tumbled stones are gorgeously green along...
$36.00 $13.00