Celestite Crystals

Celestite is a mineral that can be found in a variety of colors, but is most commonly known for its blue crystals. . Celestine or popularly known as Celestite, is a delicate and beautiful mineral that derives its name from the Latin word “caelestis” which translates to “of the sky.” This is due to the mesmerizing and vibrant shade of sky blue that each Celestite stone and crystal contains. Although Celestite can be found in different parts of the world, The main source of the world's supply of Celestine comes from the deposits located on the northwestern coast of Madagascar.

Celestite is now recognized as the official state mineral of Ohio! This beautiful blue mineral was first discovered in Ohio in 1812 and has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, from jewelry to banned because of its toxic properties. Celestite is most commonly found in the Lake Erie region of Ohio, making it a perfect choice for the state mineral.

Celestite crystals have been used for centuries for their beauty and healing properties. Celestine is a powerful crystal that can be used for a variety of metaphysical purposes. It is said to be especially helpful for obtaining spiritual strength and promoting discernment. The energy Celestine provides is said to be stimulating and calming at the same time. Celestite is said to be a stone of peace and tranquility, and is often used to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Celestine is a mineral that is found under low temperature conditions, or otherwise known as groundwater. This indicates that the Celestine crystals are formed by the groundwater depositing in the mineral cavities of the host sedimentary rocks. Fun fact Celestine is actually found to be used in fireworks due to the ability it has to burn with a bright red flame.

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3 X 1.5 inches Self Standing Celestite Crystal Geode 1 Lb

Located front and center of this dazzling Celestite geode is a multitude of Celestite crystals that each contain a vibrant shade of sky blue. Once met with light, these Celestite...

4" X 4" Celestite Heart Love Crystal Geode 2.4 Lb

Straight from Madagascar, fall in love with this gorgeous Celestite heart geode! This geode contains vibrant shades of sky blue accompanied by rich touches of both white and gray. The...