Apophyllite Crystals

The name Apophyllite comes from the Greek words for 'to get' and 'leaf', referring to the way these stones exfoliate when heated, much like a leaf. Apophyllite is a hydrated calcium potassium silicate mineral that occurs as an alteration product of basaltic rocks. Apophyllite stones are known for their high water content, which gives them the ability to conduct electricity. These stones can be found in a naturally occurring pyramid shape, as druzy crystals on another mineral, in clusters, or in a massive form.

Apophyllite crystals are a beautiful and popular type of mineral that can often be found in a variety of colors, ranging from white to green. The crystals have a natural luster and can often be found in a variety of shapes. These crystals are popular among crystal enthusiasts and can make for a beautiful and unique addition to any home or office.

Apophyllite crystals are known for their healing properties and are often used in crystal therapy. Apophyllite crystals are perfect for anyone who is looking to add a little bit of extra light and positivity into their life. These beautiful wholesale crystals have a unique ability to reflect light in a way that is incredibly calming and soothing, making them ideal for use in meditation and relaxation practices. Apophyllite is also said to aid in the development of psychic abilities, so if you're looking to explore your intuition and expand your consciousness, these crystals can be a powerful tool. Apophyllite is a popular stone for crystal devotees, alternative healers and anyone looking at making overhauls in their lives. It is also often used alongside Lithium Quartz in meditation as it embraces the heart chakra, bringing in an intense wave of pure love and blessed heavens.

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Natural Pink & Red Apophyllite Crystal Mineral Specimen

This dazzling Red and Pink Apophyllite mineral specimen comes to us all the way from Maharashtra, India. This lovely piece contains a rich and vibrant shade of light pink and...
$166.00 $46.00

Natural Chalcedony Apophyllite Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen 2.3 Oz

Beautiful Chalcedony Apophyllite from Madhya Pradesh, India. This lovely piece contains a solid grey smooth bottom with a rough vibrant light green top, accompanied by a single clear crystal. Perfect...
$96.00 $29.00

Natural Apophyllite Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen 4.6 Oz

Gorgeous Apophyllite comes directly from India. This piece is a beautiful mauve pink surrounded by lovely small crystals. The way this Apophyllite glistens is truly mesmerizing.
$152.00 $44.00