Angelite Crystals

The Angelite crystal is a beautiful stone that is known for its ethereal blue color. It typically has a medium to pale blue color, but some pieces may be bluish-white or white. Additionally, there may be occasional tiny red hematite inclusions.

Angelite is said to be a stone of the angels and is associated with the crown chakra. Angelite is said to promote peace, understanding, and awareness. It is also thought to help attune to higher realms and connect with angelic energy. Angelite is a lovely stone to use in meditation, energy healing, and spiritual work. Angelite is a soft stone and should be treated with care. It is best to cleanse and charge your Angelite regularly. Store Angelite in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Some people believe that Angelite has healing properties. Some of these purported benefits include reducing stress, improving communication, and promoting peace and harmony.

Angelite is a type of anhydrite that is commonly found in Peru. However, it has also been found in other countries such as Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt, and Mexico.

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ONE Piece of Polished Angelite Crystal Gemstone 1.25" Sphere Decor Ball 5 Oz

Beautiful sky blue Angelite sphere, with subtle hints of detail. These spheres make perfect home decor or as collector's items.
$66.00 $19.00

Angelite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

Angelite Tumbled Stones Healing Crystal Home Decoration. Great item for stone collectors. Thanks for shopping Gem Avenue.
$36.99 $13.00

One Piece of Polished Angelite Crystal Gemstone Decor Ball 6.2 Oz 1.5" Sphere

This beautiful Selenite sphere has an enchanting white shien when met with light. The way the shein moves with the light makes it incredibly mesmerizing to look at.
$74.00 $23.00