Necklace Sizing: Searching For The Perfect Size

When shopping for the ideal necklace length, finding the length that best suits you is important! Figuring out how the preferred length and how you would like it to be positioned on the body are two important factors to consider. Would you prefer more of a choker appearance or a length which hangs a bit loose, here we will help make the decision an easy process! For women and men length and appearance differs due to style preferences and body types.

Women Necklace Length

  • 14” - This length would fit the most like a choker, for a more tighter appearance
  • 16” - Best suited for women who prefer for the necklace to fall ideally at the base of the neck
    ★ Quick Tip - this length on a plus size women would provide a more choker like appearance
  • 18” - The most popular choice among women, this length is best used when adding a pendant due to the necklace descending at the collarbone just below the neck
  • 20” - For a plunging neckline, this length will fall just under the collarbones
  • 22” - Is ideal for a low neckline and fall just above a womens bust
  • 24” - This length will fall just below the neckline for a longer appearance
  • 36” - Perfect for a low neckline and fall just below a womens bust

Men Necklace Length

  • 18” - A short length which will fall around the base of the neck
  • 20” - Most popular length among men, which falls perfectly on the collar bones
  • 22” - This length will descend below the collarbone and is favored by those who prefer a tad more breathing room in terms of necklaces
  • 24” - Falls above the chest and is commonly paired with religious pendants to keep them close to the heart

With a variety of lengths to choose from, Gem Avenue offers a vast assortment of styles with high quality! To accompany your dazzling chain, shop from our wide selection of top notch pendants too!

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