Selenite Crystals

Selenite is a type of gypsum crystal that is found in many parts of the world. The American Southwest is home to some of the largest and most beautiful selenite crystals in the world. These crystals can be found in a variety of colors, including white, pink, and brown. Selenite is a very popular crystal among mineral collectors and is prized for its beauty and rarity. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, who was the goddess of the moon.

Selenite has been used for centuries as a decorative item and has been found in many cultures around the world. In ancient Greece, selenite was used to make mirrors, which were said to reflect the light of the moon. In the Middle Ages, selenite was used to make prayer beads.

Selenite is a very soft mineral and can be easily scratched with a fingernail. Selenite is also a very fragile mineral and can easily break if it is dropped. Selenite is not suitable for use in jewelry because it can easily break. Selenite is also not suitable for use in construction because it is a very soft mineral.

Selenite crystals found in a variety of colors, including white, pink, and brown. The most common selenite color is white. Selenite is also found in different shapes, including rods, flakes, and crystals. Selenite is often used in jewelry and is also used in crystal balls.

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Selenite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

Selenite Tumbled Stones Healing Crystal Home Decoration. Great item for stone collectors. Thanks for shopping Gem Avenue.

ONE Piece of Polished Selenite Crystal Gemstone 1.5" Sphere Decor Ball 5.3 Oz

This beautiful Selenite sphere has an enchanting white shien when met with light. The way the shein moves with the light makes it incredibly mesmerizing to look at.

ONE Piece of Natural Selenite Bowl Crystal Gemstone 7.6 Oz

These gorgeous Selenite bowls are a vibrant cloud white along with a dazzling bright white sheen when met with light. Each bowl contains a smooth and round finish as well...

ONE Piece of Natural Selenite Square Crystal Gemstone 5.4 Oz

These mesmerizing Selenite squares contain a vibrant shade of cloud white along with subtle hints of a marbling effect. When met with light these squares have a bright white sheen...

Natural Selenite Crystal Gemstone Collectible 3 Oz

These gorgeous round white Selenite stones are breathtakingly beautiful. They have an incredible white shift when met with light, simple but stunning these stones are perfect for any home!

ONE Piece of Natural Selenite Stick Crystal Gemstone 1.7 Oz

These stunning bars of Selenite contain a vibrant shade of cloud white. When met with light the bright white ridge detailing dances around, creating a beautiful site. Due to the...

Self Standing Polished Selenite Crystal Wand Obelisk Tower 15 Oz

These beautiful Selenite Obelisk towers contain a mesmerizing and vibrant shade of a glowing white. Each individual tower weighs approximately 15oz with a height of 6 inches. You will only...

ONE Piece of Natural Selenite Crystal Gemstone 3 Oz

These beautiful Selenite stones are a perfect palm fit! They contain a rich and vibrant cloud white along with a bright white sheen when they are met with light. Each...