Shungite Crystals

Shungite is a rare, black, non-crystalline mineral that is found only in the Karelia region of Russia. It is believed to be over 2 billion years old and is composed of carbon and fullerenes, a type of molecule composed entirely of carbon.

Shungite has been used for centuries for its healing and purifying properties, and it is said to have the ability to cleanse, protect, and restore the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The stone is often used to purify water, and many people place shungite in their drinking water to remove impurities and improve its taste. It is also used in crystal healing and meditation, where it is believed to enhance the flow of energy and promote balance and stability. Shungite is also believed to have powerful grounding and protective properties, and many people use it to shield themselves from negative energies, electromagnetic radiation, and psychic attacks.

In addition to its healing properties, shungite is also prized for its beauty and is often used in jewelry and other decorative objects. It has a matte, velvety texture and a distinctive black color, and it is often polished to a shine to enhance its natural beauty. Overall, shungite is a unique and powerful mineral that is highly prized for its many healing and purifying properties. Whether you are using it for its health benefits, for protection, or for its aesthetic appeal, shungite is a valuable and versatile addition to any collection of crystals and minerals.

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Genuine Natural Rough Shungite Crystal Gemstones

Natural Shungite Crystal Gemstones. Please note: The sizes and shapes of the rough crystals are different. Hence the number of crystals you will receive may not be the same as...
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Shungite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

Shungite Tumbled Stones Healing Crystal Home Decoration. Great item for stone collectors. Thanks for shopping Gem Avenue.
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