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Ring Sizing: How To Find The Perfect Fit

Rings have been around since the 3rd millennium BC and have even been discovered within tombs dating as far back as 2500 BC. In a variety of cultures, rings are believed to symbolize an unbroken circle, a representative of eternity.

When shopping for that perfect ring, finding the size that fits you just right is important! If a ring is too big it will slip off and you run the risk of losing it, if the ring runs too small it will create discomfort. Here we will discuss 6 easy steps you can follow in order to easily find the perfect fit!

Step 1: You can take a stretchy piece of string, floss, or even paper of any size, however when measuring for a ring the preferred length is around 6”.

Step 2: Now that you have your measuring tool it is time to measure your finger! You will want to wrap the string or paper around the base of your finger, making sure the fit is secure but not too tight.
★ Quick Tip - when measuring your finger be sure it is at a normal body temperature because the cold and heat can cause your finger to shrink or expand.

Step 3: Mark with a pen where your desired measuring tool overlaps forming a circle.

Step 4: After the paper or string has been marked, you will take the measuring tool and ruler where you will measure from the starting point to the mark you created with the pen.
★ Quick Tip - make sure you are taking down the measurement in millimeters for easier size conversion

Step 5: Take the length you measured and match the measurements to the perfect ring size.
★ Quick Tip - If you find yourself between ring sizes and don’t know what size to get, it is ideal to go for the larger size.

Step 6: We have reached the last step or as we like to call it the best step. Now that you have your size the last step is to shop! Here at Gem Avenue we offer a vast selection of beautiful high quality rings to pick and choose from, available in all sizes!

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