Brucite Gemstone

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Brucite is named after Archibald Bruce, discoverer of the mineral, physician, and professor at Yale University. Brucite forms white, pale green, blue, brownish-red or brown, transparent tabular crystals, platy or foliated or granular masses.

Brucite Known for its healing vibrations, Brucite is a stone that radiates positive energies that inspire good decision-making and success in life. Brucite is found in several countries across the globe, including Russia, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.

The stone is found in a range of bright colors, the most common ones being blue, blue-green, grey, red, white, pale green, and pink. Interestingly, a new variation of Brucite in a bright yellow color has recently been discovered in Pakistan.