Labradorite Crystals

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that is most commonly found in igneous rocks. It has a beautiful iridescent sheen that is caused by light reflects off of inclusions within the stone. Labradorite is associated with the Third Eye chakra, which is the chakra responsible for intuition and psychic ability. Labradorite is a powerful stone that can help to awaken your psychic abilities. It can also be used for protection from negative energies. If you are looking to boost your intuitive powers, working with Labradorite can be very beneficial.

The various colors of the labradorite make it attractive to many who value its metaphysical properties. Its natural development creates unique patterns called chatoyancy which can be further enhanced by careful cutting and polishing. For these reasons, the labradorite remains highly prized today, both for its beauty and its powers. Labradorite is one of the birthstones for the zodiac sign of Leo and is also the traditional gemstone for the ninth wedding anniversary. It is said to be a stone of magic and protection and is associated with the crown chakra. Labradorite has been used extensively in jewelry, sculptures, and spiritual objects since ancient times.

Labradorite crystals have a variety of metaphysical properties, including helping to access the spiritual realm, providing psychic protection and shielding against negative energies, and promoting self-awareness, understanding and wisdom. Labradorite is a stone that can help you to see your inner light and to bring it out into the world. It is a stone of transformation and can help you to overcome fears, insecurities, and doubts to move forward on your path. Labradorite can also help to increase psychic abilities and to connect with your spiritual guides.

Labradorite helps to calm an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing new ideas and originality. It helps banish fears and insecurities and calms an overactive mind, providing clarity and insight into your destiny. It stimulates the throat and third eye chakras, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. Labradorite also has protective qualities, guarding against negativity and deflecting unwanted energies.

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1 Piece Labradorite Gemstone 30mm Puff Hearts Collectible Palm stones

Polished natural labradorite gemstone hearts Collectible Palm stones. You will get 1 piece labradorite Gemstones. Makes a great collectible item and an awesome gift to a stone lover.
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Oval Labradorite Cabochon Gemstone Sterling Silver French Hook Drop Earrings

A beautifully designed oval cut labradorite cabochon gemstone french hook drop earrings are absolutely stunning! Gift this beautiful ring to yourself or someone you love. Our unique and elegant designs...
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Round Labradorite Gemstone Sterling Silver flower French Hook Drop Earrings

Beautifully designed Round Shape Labradorite gemstone sterling silver french ear wire drop earrings with bezel setting is absolutely stunning! Gift this beautiful ring to yourself or someone you love. Our...
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Pear Shape Genuine Labradorite Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Pear Shape Genuine Labradorite Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ring. Gift this beautiful ring to yourself or someone you love. Our unique and elegant designs are made with high-quality precious stones...
$36.99 $17.09

Natural Labradorite Genuine Rough Raw Crystal Gemstone

Natural Labradorite Genuine Rough Raw Stone. Size of the Stone is approximately 1.5 Inches X 1.5 Inches. Some are slightly bigger and some are slightly smaller. [In a 1/4 Lb....
$46.99 $10.00

Polished Natural Labradorite Crystal Gemstone 4.8" Sphere Ball Home Decor 9.2 Lb

Polished Labradorite Gemstone Sphere Home Decor Makes a great collectible item and an awesome gift to a rock lover. We bring you natural gemstone collectibles at attractive and affordable prices....
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ONE Piece of Natural Labradorite Crystal Gemstone Collectible 4 Oz

Mesmorizing Labradorite stones while a simple black shade at first, these unique stones have a gorgeous rainbow shein when met with light. The rainbow shein is amazingly vibrant and shows...
$48.00 $13.00

Natural Labradorite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

Labradorite Tumbled Stone From Madagascar. Thanks for shopping Gem Avenue.
$26.99 $13.00