Mercury Mist

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Mercury Mist was first discovered in the year 1998. The gem is known by various names such as Mystic Topaz, Aztec Topaz, and Azotic Topaz. Mercury Mist is known as a member of the Topaz family with its shine of multicolor and the illusion of a Borealis found within. The Mercury Mist Topaz was created by a company by the name of Azotic Coating Inc. that added a metallic layer that is bonded to the bottom of a clear Topaz at a molecular level. This creation then created various variations that are now known as Mercury Mist. This form of Topaz contains a shade range from blue to brown as well as contains a rainbow Borealis appearance located inside.

By itself, Mercury Mist would not be considered a gem, it would more than likely be considered to be either a enhance or treated colorless Topaz. Topaz can be found in various areas located around the world. The colorless forms of Topaz used for Mercury Mist can be found in Sri Lanka, China, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Pakistan, Namibia, Burma, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and Russia. They can be found in select states located within the United States. The Topaz can be found in California, Utah, Colorado, and Texas.

In Metaphysical belief. Mercury Mist is believed to revive declining energy as well as promote good luck. Mercury Mist is also said to possess the ability to ward off any evil spirits along with aiding in driving away any form of negative energy.