Malachite Minerals

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In history, Ancient Egyptians were known to utilize Malachite in numerous ways. Malachite was a highly appreciated gemstone and Ancient Egyptians would ground the stone into a powder form to be used as both eye shadow and paint. Mining for the stone began as early as 4000 BC by Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians were not the only ones who believed in the power of Malachite but both Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that Malachite possessed the ability to ward off evil spirits. Due to this belief, Malachite was often carved into amulets so they could keep it with them for the protective abilities it was said to possess.

Malachite is often found to form above copper deposits located deep within the earth. Often time Malachite can be found within limestone along with over minerals such as calcite, azurite, and iron oxides. Malachites can also be found in various areas located around the world. It can be found in Morocco, Congo, Russia, Gabon, Mexico, Australia, Zambia, and Namibia. The largest deposit of Malachite known today is located within the Ural region in Russia.

In the metaphysical world, Malachite is believed to be a protector from any negative energy. It is also said that Malachite aids in the assistance of growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.