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Magnetite was also known as lodestone around the year 1548. This stone was not named Magnetite until 1845 by Wilhem Karl Von Haidinger. The name is Magnetite is derived from natural magnets or lodestones, which were known to the Greeks as “magnes” and were found in magnesia located in Thessaly. It has been known for its magnetic properties for over 2,500 years. Magnetite is considered to be the most magnetic mineral and in fact, it is the most important iron ore in today's times. This mineral can be found in a variety of modern-day uses such as water filtration, asphalt paving, and steelmaking. This mineral can be found in metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks.

In metaphysical belief, Magnetite is a stone of grounding, balance, and protection. Magnetite works to align one's chakras by removing blockages in order to remain both connected and grounded, as well as promoting a greater flow of energy. As a protective stone, Magnetite will remove any negative energies in order to make way for uplighting positive energies. With association with elements of fire and earth, Magnetite serves as a symbol of both transformation and strength. Magnetite is also known as a powerful stone for manifestation. This stone provides focus as well as clarity in order to make it easier for the holder to be able to visualize their goals. Doing so will provide an extra boost of motivation when working towards said goal or dream.

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