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What is a journey ring? You may be asking yourself, well a journey ring is typically used with couples as a symbol of their relationship. The ring itself contains a variety of designs but the typical design contains a circular shape that begins small and progressively gets bigger in size This signifies the journey of life or the journey of a relationship from something small which transforms into something bigger. This style of ring can carry different meanings depending on the various stages of one’s relationship. When giving a journey ring to your married spouse, this may signify that your affection for them is ever-growing and will never cease. As a fiance, when giving or receiving a journey ring this may symbolize that your partner's feelings will only continue to grow regardless that the wedding has not yet occurred. When giving or receiving a journey ring to or from your dating partner, this signifies you or your partner no longer wants to casually date but instead grow the relationship into something more serious.

Journey rings are commonly mistaken for promise rings. Although both are a huge step in one’s relationship there is a distinct difference among the two. For example, a promise ring symbolizes a promise or a commitment to a relationship between two people who are not yet ready for an engagement but want to demonstrate their loyalty and fidelity to each other. However, the difference is that a journey ring does not signify making a promise like a promise ring does; Instead, it stands as a symbol that as time progresses the love in one’s relationship will only grow as they walk through the journey of life together.

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