Grape Agate

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Natural Grape Agate Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen #RMI520 Natural Grape Agate Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen #RMI520

Natural Grape Agate Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen #RMI520

Only recently discovered in Indonesia, Grape Agate is said to be a rare and valuable stone. This Grape Agate specimen from Indonesia features vibrant shades of purple, green, and touches...
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Natural Grape Agate Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen

Straight from Indonesia! Fall in love with these dazzling small Grape Agate pieces! Each individual piece contains its own unique appearance with vibrant shades of purple, green, and white. You...
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Only recently having been discovered on the Island of Sulawesi located in Indonesia around 2016, Grape Agate is said to be both a rare and valuable stone. However, Grape Agate is in fact not an actual form of Agate due to the lack of internal banding and unlike common Agates, Grape Agate is not composed of pure silica. In actuality, Grape Agate is a form of botryoidal chalcedony. Grape Agate gained its name from the variety of botryoidal chalcedony which are the small circular purple crystals resembling grapes found on these specimens.

These mineral specimens come in various shades of purple as well as the occasional rare shade of green. In fact, the green varieties of Grape Agate are said to be amongst the rarest and are the true definition of a Grape Agate. What contributes to the vibrant shades of purple found in Grape Agate is the presence of clay mineral impurities. The green variety of Grape Agate contains a different type of clay impurity.

The healing and metaphysical properties of Grape Agate are believed to be linked to the third eye chakra as well as the crown chakra. Grape Agate is said to cleanse these chakras in order to remove anxious and unpleasant thoughts. This mineral is known to carry a soothing energy that helps with anxiety, stress, and communication. Together with these calming properties, Grape Agate encourages both imagination and creativity. Carrying both wisdom and growth, Grape Agate possesses the ability to aid in mental maturity along with boosting trust and reducing one's ego. Along with this, Grape Agate helps in promoting mental clarity as well as inner peace in order to increase a sense of happiness with the world around you. Grape Agate has also been known to aid in helping stop bad dreams by placing the stone under one’s pillow.

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