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Epidote obtained its name from the Greek word "epi" which translates to "over" and another Greek word "didonai" which translates "to give." Mineralogist at the University of Natural History located in Paris, France, Rene Hauy was the person who gave the stone its name. What inspired the name was the way the prism faces of the mineral specimen were found to be longer when compared to other specimens.

Epidote is mainly found in vibrant light to dark green shades, but it can also come in various other colors as well, such as yellow, brown, and black. The transparency of this mineral can also vary from transparent to opaque depending on the stone.

In the metaphysical world, Epidote is said to have an abundance of healing properties for the wounded soul and spirit, such as stimulating the feeling of personal power as well as being able to bring spiritual growth. It is also believed to possess the ability to balance the flowing energy in one’s body. Epidote is also said to have the ability to enhance feelings of hopefulness as well as optimism. For those wanting to get in touch with mother earth, Epidote is said to be the best stone for wanting to tune into nature due to the grounding vibrations it provides.