Dolomite Stone

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Dolomite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal ( 1/4 and 1/2 Lb)
Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with our Dolomite Tumbled Stones. These healing crystals are perfect for collectors and can bring a sense of calm and tranquility...
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Dolomite (also known as dolomite rock, dolostone, or dolomitic rock) is a sedimentary carbonate rock that contains a high percentage of the mineral dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2. In old USGS publications, it was referred to as magnesian limestone, a term now reserved for magnesium-deficient dolomites or magnesium-rich limestones.

Dolomite is very common in the rock record, but the mineral dolomite is rarely observed forming in sedimentary environments. For this reason, it is believed that most dolomites form when lime muds or limestones are modified by postdepositional chemical change. Some geologists are uncomfortable using the word "dolomite" for both a mineral and a rock of the same composition. They instead prefer using "dolomite rock" or "dolostone" when speaking of the sedimentary rock and "dolomite" when speaking of the mineral. Although these terms simplify communication and improve accuracy, many geologists continue to use the word "dolomite" for both the mineral and the rock. Dolomite is a well-polished stone for relieving sorrow, and soothing hurt, loneliness, and anxiety. It is a gentle stone that encourages charitable actions, generosity, and giving of all kinds, as well as receiving. Helps us to see that everything happens for a reason. Provides stamina for those dealing with hyperactive individuals. Use to align your energy, rebalance and remove blocks. It also encourages energetic thinking, original thinking, spontaneity, creativity, and manifestation.