Desert Rose Minerals

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Desert Rose Mineral Specimens 12.8 Lb #RMI471 Desert Rose Mineral Specimens 12.8 Lb #RMI471

Desert Rose Mineral Specimens 12.8 Lb #RMI471

Both mesmerizing and eye-catching, this Desert Rose specimen is a sure must have!. This Desert Rose mineral specimen will make the perfect addition to any home or collection! It measures...
$320.48 $212.99

Desert rose is a known naturally occurring selenite gypsum. In fact, desert rose crystals are a combination of selenite and barite, which form during the process of moisture condensation. Growing in popularity, the desert rose stone is most known for its metaphysical properties. The desert rose stone is believed to promote energy flow, meaning it may aid in moving out of stagnancy. It is also said to clean upper chakras as well as provide mental clarity, prosperity, confidence, and perseverance.

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