Cavansite Minerals

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Cavansite is one of the most beautiful and rare minerals. Cavansite derives its name from calcium vanadium silicate. Cavansite is usually blue, with shades ranging from ultramarine blue to greenish-blue. Cavansite occurs in well-developed spherical clusters of deep blue crystals associated with large crystals of Stilbite in gas chambers of basalt. The mineral was first discovered in 1968. Cavansite occurs as smooth, unattractive crystals in the gas chambers of volcanic rocks.

Among crystal healers, Cavansite is known as the stone of transformation. They believe that it helps to remember information from spiritual journeys and to facilitate clear communication of messages from the spirit world. They also think that it makes a person more aware of his activities or service.

Cavansite was found in the Deccan Trap basalts in the Pune district of India in the early 1970s. Covensite occurs in two locations, New Zealand and Brazil. Samples from Pune are of high quality but very rare.