Bloodstone Crystals

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Bloodstone Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystal

BloodStone Tumbled Stones Healing Crystal Home Decoration. Great item for stone collectors. BloodStone is known for its healing and calming properties, making it a perfect addition to any home decor....

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a dark green, semiprecious stone with flecks of red. These flecks resemble blood drops, giving bloodstone its name. Bloodstone is a form of chalcedony and is commonly found in India, Brazil, and Australia. This powerful stone has been used for thousands of years in healing and spiritual practices.

In crystal healing, bloodstone is believed to have grounding and purifying properties. It is said to boost physical energy, increase mental clarity, and promote emotional stability. Bloodstone is also thought to be helpful for the circulatory system, blood disorders, and kidney and liver problems. It is said to provide courage and inner strength during difficult times, and to help overcome stress and anxiety.

Bloodstone is associated with the root chakra and the planet Mars, and is believed to be a grounding stone that helps to center and balance the energies of the body. This makes it a popular choice for meditators and those who practice yoga. It is also believed to enhance intuition and creativity, making it a great stone for artists, writers, and anyone who wants to tap into their inner wisdom. Overall, bloodstone is a versatile stone that offers many benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. Whether you are seeking balance, energy, or inner strength, bloodstone is a powerful tool that can help you on your journey.