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The name Beryl is derived from the Greek word “Beryllos” which translates to “precious blue green stone” and is composed of beryllium aluminum silicate. Beryl is known as a silicate mineral and is not just a gemstone but Beryl is a family of gemstones that can be found in a variety of colors and can even be found colorless. However, the impurities found within Beryl are what contribute to its color, otherwise, pure Beryl is known to be colorless. The Beryl family includes blue Beryl which is Aquamarine, pink Beryl which is Morganite, and dark green Beryl which is Emerald to name a few.

Beryl is a stone of vitality, protection, and creativity. Each color within the Beryl mineral family variety contains its own metaphysical and healing properties, for example, pink Beryl is a stone of love, blue Beryl is a stone said to promote mental clarity, and yellow Beryl is a stone of good fortune and happiness. Overall, Beryl stones help in letting go of the past in order to move forward and focus on the present. Along with this, Beryl aids in bringing out your inner best as well as promotes optimism.

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