Genuine Natural Citrine Rough Stones. Size of the pointed roughs is approximately 1 Inch X 0.5 Inch. Some are slightly bigger and some are slightly smaller. Not all of them are pointed. The shapes are rather in random. [In a 1/4 Lb. you will get 40 to 50 stones] [In a 1/2 Lb. you will get 80 to 100 stones] [In a 1 Lb. you will get 150 to 200 stones] Citrine is popular in Jewelry making. Yellow of the Citrine can be from pale to dark yellow. A well cut Citrine gemstone is gorgeous to look at.

Here is where it all begins. Miners dig or cut big rocks from the mines. These Rocks are then transported to the ground level where they are sorted for the good, bad and the ugly. The bigger better rocks are then broken down to smaller sizes. These rocks then travel from continents to continents to reach stone cutters. A rough stone is cut and polished by expert hands in many different shapes and sizes. Those cut stones then make their way in to precious and semi-precious metals before they travel thousands of miles to reach the store showcases and online marketplaces where you buy them. When we add to it the age of these rocks in terms of millions of years it is hard not to appreciate these gifts the creator of this universe has stored in our little earth. Here is your chance to own and enjoy a piece of nature.

  • Item# : RGH031-1 Lb
  • Stone : Citrine
  • Stone Shape : Raw & Rough
  • title_tag : Natural Yellow Citrine Rough Raw Crystal Gemstones #RGH031


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