Vanadinite Minerals

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The name Vanadinite is derived from the vanadium content found within the Vanadinite. Vanadinite is a mineral that is a member of the phosphate family and is a part of the apatite group as well. Scientifically, Vanadinite has been considered an uncommon mineral due its occurrence only being possible as a result of a chemical alteration to a material that is already pre-existing. Vanadinite is a combination of vanadium, oxygen, and chlorine.

It was first discovered in 1801 in Mexico by Spanish mineralogist Andres Manuel del Rio who dubbed the mineral “brown lead” and was certain it contained new elements. It is formed as a secondary mineral found in desert deposits as well as being formed by oxidation of lead deposits and is almost always found in dry climates.

Vanadinite is found in various areas of the world such as Morocco, Austria, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, and even the United States. However, Vanadinite is only found within 4 states located in the United States, which are South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. As well as being found in various parts of the world, Vanadinite comes in various shades of bright and vibrant red as well as white, yellow, green and grey. It is also found to be either transparent, translucent, or opaque with a wax like luster, and the material has been described as dense and brittle. Often times Vanadinite has been occasionally used as a source for lead.

Vanadinite is often found to be associated with the earth chakra and aids in keeping the chakras strong and vibrant. In crystal belief it is said that Vanadinite contains the ability to center and ground one’s soul and physical body, aiding in comfort in one’s own environment. It is also said to provide a healing boost of energy to any glum slow-paced day to lift your spirits.