Tourmaline Minerals

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1 Oz Natural Tourmaline Crystal Gemstone 1 Oz Natural Tourmaline Crystal Gemstone

1 Oz Natural Tourmaline Crystal Gemstone

Natural Tourmaline Crystal Gemstone. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, tourmaline crystals are also believed to have several metaphysical properties. They are said to promote calmness and serenity, protect against...
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The name Tourmaline is derived from the Singalease word “tourmali” which translates to mixed stone. Tourmaline is one of the world’s most popular gemstones and is also widely known as the Birthstone for the month of October along with Opal. It is silicate and is composed of Boron along with Aluminum. Tourmaline was said to have first been discovered off the coast of Italy during the late 1600s by Dutch traders.

Tourmaline is known to have the widest color range in comparison to other gems which is why it is considered the “rainbow gemstone.”According to ancient folklore, it is said that the reason Tourmaline comes in various colors is that during its creation it traveled along the rainbow and collected its colors while on its journey. Certain colors of Tourmaline have gained popularity and have received their own name such as Rubellite which is red Tourmaline, Paraiba which is a greenish blue shade of Tourmaline, and Watermelon Tourmaline contains a pink center interior and is surrounded by a green exterior. In fact, the Watermelon Tourmaline is said to be the most treasured and unique of the tourmaline variety. Tourmaline is found to be either translucent or opaque with a vitreous luster.

Not only does Tourmaline come in various colors but it also comes from various parts of the world such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar, Russia, Mozambique, and the United States. In fact, the world’s leading source of Tourmaline is derived from Brazil.

In crystal belief, it is said that Tourmaline contains the ability to attract inspiration and prosperity, as well as aid in balancing the brain. Tourmaline is believed to aid in helping treat the human body of paranoia, dyslexia, and coordination. It is also said that Tourmaline can also aid in releasing spinal tension.