Stalactite Minerals

The name Stalactite is derived from the Greek word "stalaktos" which translates into "dripping." Stalactites or also known as speleothems are known to grow downward from the roofs of caves. This occurs when water that was dripping down the roof of the cave leaves behind calcite minerals that then grow slowly downward in the shape of icicles to create what we know today as Stalactites. However, it does take almost a thousand years for at least one cubic inch of Stalactite to grow. The largest known stalactite cave is located in Mexico, within the Sistema Chac Mol caves. Stalactites are commonly found alongside Stalagmites in pairs and together they are known as dripstones. When Stalactites grow downwards and Stalagmites grow upwards when they meet it is known as a column.

Stalactites can be found in various areas located around the world. Stalactites can be found in Mexico, France, India, Cuba, and the United States. However, within the United States stalactites can be abundantly found in old caves in the state of California.

In the metaphysical world, Stalactite is believed to powerfully stimulate any of the body’s chakras, but it has a unique resonance with the third eye chakra. It is also said that Stalactite can be used for crystal acupuncture in order to heal the outer body as well as the one within.

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