Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite or formally known as Saualpite obtained its name after Baron Sigmund Zois von Edelstein who was a known Austrian scientist who in fact was the person to identify Zoisite as a unique mineral specimen. It is also a known member of the epidote group and is commonly extracted as a huge crystalline structure. Ruby Zoisite or also known as an anyolite is known as a metamorphic rock known as a green zoisite that contains red crystals. The difference between Rubies and Ruby Zoisites is that Rubies are exclusively aluminum oxides while Ruby Zoisites are calcium aluminum hydroxides.

Ruby Zoisite is said to be a rare stone. The place where the vast majority of these stones derive from is located in northern Tanzania. The largest deposits of Ruby Zoisite are said to be found/located in Zambia and India as well.  However, Ruby Zoisites are mainly found in the Longido mining district located in Tanzania where the minerals were first discovered in the year 1954.

In metaphysical belief, Ruby Zoisites is believed to aid in stimulating the energy of happiness along with vitality, growth, and abundance. It is also said that Ruby Zoisites possesses the ability to dissolve feelings of anger, grief, and defeat. It does this by promoting the body's healing mechanisms as well as the defenses.

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