Peridot Minerals

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Raw Rough Peridot Mineral Crystals From Pakistan ( 1 Lb. ...
Natural Peridot Stones. The shapes, sizes, and weights are all different from one piece to the other. Each stone is approximately 1/5th Inch to 1/2 Inch in size. Each stone...
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Since the year 1912, Peridot has been widely known as the birthstone for the month of August. The name is derived from the Arabic word "faridat" which translates to "gem." In fact, Peridot in Hawaiian Culture is said to be a symbol of the tears of the Goddess of fire and Volcanoes known as Pele. Peridot can be commonly found alongside Hawaiian beaches due to the volcanic activity. They can be commonly found along with igneous rocks by volcanoes or buried deep within the ground. In history, Ancient Egyptians often time referred to Peridot as a "gem of the sun" while Ancient Romans referred to the stone as the "emerald of the evening."

Peridot can be found in various areas located around the world. It can be found in Pakistan, Burma, Brazil, Hawaii, China, Norway, Australia, South Africa, the Canary Islands, and the United States. Only select states located within the United States are known to produce Peridot. These states are Arizona and New Mexico. The Peridot produced in Burma are of good quality, but they tend to have a darker shade of green, on the other hand, Peridot produced from the states are also of good quality but the gemstones are usually found to be small.

In metaphysical belief, Peridot is believed to aid in anxiety as well as help in letting go of any envious thoughts in order for clarity to lead the way to a clear path. Peridot is also said to possess the ability to bring abundance along with increase happiness.