Opalite Crystal Jewelry

Opalite is a man made synthetic glass. Most of the material is white, yellow, and brown. It is not usually used as a gem. However, some models of natural common opal have amazing colors. Crystal healers believe that Opalite can alleviate depression, soothe nerves and help relieve anxiety. Opalite is incorrectly known by many different names, including Tiffany Stone, opalized fluorite, and purple opal. Opalite is a man-made crystal that originates in Asia.

Opalite is a beautiful stone. As jewelry, Opalite has long been used. Opalite is a very soft and delicate stone. So it can be cut into very desirable gems. We can find many collections like Opalite Rings, Earrings, Necklace, and Pendants which are very attractive and inexpensive.

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