Nephrite Rings

Nephrite is a highly sought-after type of mineral ideal for creating jewelry, especially rings. It's beloved for its long-lasting beauty and symbolism. Nephrite is a member of the jade family, which has been used in art and adornment since ancient times. The stone's vibrant green color is courtesy of iron, chromium, and other trace elements; it also comes in lesser-known colors such as white, gray, or yellow. On top of being aesthetically lovely, nephrite offers durability that surpasses many other stones. This makes it the ideal choice for engagement and wedding rings, as it can withstand wear and tear easily. All this explains why nephrite rings have been popular for centuries!

Nephrite rings are full of symbolism and meaning. They believed to bring strength, endurance, balance, harmony, longevity, and prosperity to wearers. It is also said that these rings can have physical and emotional healing properties as well. When it comes to design, nephrite is a versatile stone that pairs nicely with yellow or white gold. Silver or platinum add a modern touch for those looking for something more contemporary. Nephrite rings make the perfect accessory for both men and women alike who value beauty and meaningfulness in their jewelry collection.

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Green Nephrite Gemstone 12mm Top and 8mm Bottom Ring

Green Nephrite Gemstone ring with 12mm wide Top and 8mm Bottom Ring.
$17.99 $10.99

Men's Silver Plated Green Nephrite Gemstone Square Shape Ring

13mm Square Green Nephrite Gemstone Silver Plated Band Ring. Chinese Good Luck Letter Engraved Ring Shoulders are 10mm wide and taper 4mm at Bottom.
$18.99 $8.09

Men's Silver Plated on Copper Oval Green Nephrite Gemstone Ring

19mm x 14mm Oval Green Nephrite Gemstone Silver Plated on Copper Band Ring. Design Engraved Plain Ring Shoulders are 10mm wide and taper 4mm at Bottom.
$17.99 $9.89

Green Nephrite Gemstone 5mm Wide Band

5mm Wide Green Nephrite Gemstone Band Ring.
$12.99 $7.99

Green Nephrite Gemstone 10mm Wide Ring

Stunning 10mm Wide green Nephrite gemstone ring. What is interesting about these bands is that due to the difference in depth from each stone the color may vary between rings,...
$15.99 $9.99

Green Nephrite Gemstone 9mm Wide Band Ring

These gorgeously green Nephrite gemstone bands are unisex, perfect for everybody! The color of these rings may vary due to difference in depth of each stone, no two rings are...
$14.99 $8.99

Nephrite Agate Hematite Gemstone Unisex Band Set with Assorted Ring Sizes 6 to 8.5

Set of 5 Gemstone Band of Assorted Ring Sizes from 5.5 to 8.5. Set Consist of :- Olive Nephrite Gemstone Band Ring Size 8.5. Green Agate Gemstone Band Ring Size...
$17.99 $12.99

Agate Moonstone Nephrite Gemstone Unisex Band Set with Assorted Ring Size 6 to 9

Set of 5 Gemstone Band of Assorted Ring Sizes from 6 to 9. Set Consist of :-Olive Nephrite Gemstone Band Ring Size 6.Blue Agate Gemstone Band Ring Size 7.5. Synthetic...
$18.99 $12.99

Green and Pink Agate Hematite Rhodonite Nephrite Moonstone Unisex Band Assorted Ring Size 8 Set of 7

Ring Set of 7 Gemstone Band of Assorted Ring Sizes from 8 Set Consist of Green and Pink Agate, Hematite, Rhodonite, Nephrite, Moonstone. These bands are made from stones and...
$49.99 $22.99

Green Gemstone 5mm Unisex Band #KJR023

Be gorgeous in green with this stunning 5mm Nephrite gemstone band. With it's smooth and glossy finish this dazzling ring is a great addition to any outfit! Be aware that...
$12.99 $9.99

Green Nephrite Gemstone 5mm Unisex Band

This band is made from stone and it is Fragile. Green Nephrite Gemstone Band. Gorgeous and Lovely. Green Nephrite Gemstone Color is very pleasing. Color of the band vary from...
$12.99 $8.99