Mystic Fire

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Mystic Fire is a variety of Topaz, and it was first seen around the year 1998. It has also been known by other names such as "Fire Topaz," "Alaskan Ice,"  "Caribbean Topaz," " and "Rainbow Topaz" as well. Originally this form of Topaz is known to be naturally colorless or white, but in time it has been coated or otherwise known as thin filed deposition in order to give it a special rainbow color effect. With its rainbow colors display, this kaleidoscope of a Topaz has shades like purple, blue, and green that are the most prominent at first sight.

Mystic Fire can be found to range from transparent to translucent and also displays high clarity.  Mystic Fire can be found in various deposits located around the world. Some places include Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China, Germany, Australia, Zimbabwe, Russia, Burma, Nigeria, Japan, Namibia, Madagascar, and even the United States. Mines located in both Brazil and Ukraine have been home to Topaz crystals enormous in size.

In metaphysical belief, Mystic Fire is believed to stimulate powers of intellect as well as contain the ability to provide clarity in order to understand those around you. It has also been said that Mystic Fire in its natural form may have the ability to aid in focus and the manifestation of one’s dreams and desires.