Moonstone Rings

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Multi Gemstones Unisex Band Set Assorted Ring Sizes 6 to 8 Multi Gemstones Unisex Band Set Assorted Ring Sizes 6 to 8
Multi Gemstones Unisex Band Set Assorted Ring Sizes 6 to 8
Add a stunning pop of color with this dazzling unisex set of 5 bands. This set contains Green Agate Ring Size 8.5, Carnelian Ring Size 7, Light Blue Agate Ring...
$38.97 $19.99

Moonstone rings have been admired for centuries for their captivating beauty and unique allure. These stunning pieces of jewelry typically feature gold, silver, or platinum metalwork that is often set with diamonds or other precious stones. However, the main attraction of these rings is the mesmerizing moonstone gemstone itself - a feldspar mineral that comes in many colors from milky white to yellow, pink, green, blue, and even rainbow hues. This exquisite stone gets its name from its shimmery adularescence - an eye-catching effect created by light bouncing off its internal structure - that gives it a dreamy, ethereal appearance like something out of a fairytale.

Moonstone rings are often symbolic of feminine energy, said to promote emotional balance, intuition, and creativity. Many people believe that moonstone has a special connection with the moon's cycle and can foster feelings of harmony with the natural world. These rings come in a variety of styles and designs; from simple solitaire rings to ornate halo designs featuring multiple stones or combined with other gemstones. Whether you're looking for an understated piece or something more elaborate, there is a wide selection of exquisite moonstone ring designs to choose from.

When selecting a moonstone ring, it is essential to consider the quality of the stone. Look for pieces with a strong adularescence and no inclusions. Additionally, moonstones are relatively soft stones and should be handled with care to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or chemicals. Moonstone rings have become highly sought-after because they represent commitment and eternal love, as well as spiritual and mystical qualities associated with the moon.