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Natural Kunzite Gemstone Crystal Silver Pendant

Natural Kunzite Gemstone Crystal Silver Pendant. Beautiful Kunzite Crystal Pendant. The length, width, shape, and color of the pendant can vary from one pendant to another. You will receive a...
Crystal by NameKunzite

ONE Piece Natural Kunzite Crystal Cut Gemstone

The Stone is Cut and Polished. No Two Stones are the same. They are all different in their color tone, shape, size and weight. The average size of the Stones...
Crystal by NameKunzite

1 OZ Natural Rare Great Quality Pink Kunzite Crystal Rough From Afghanistan

1 OZ of Natural Pink Kunzite Crystals. Handpicked to ensure we have the best color crystals. Please note: The sizes and shapes of the rough crystals are different. Hence the...

Pink Kunzite Stone

Kunzite is one of the most beautiful gifts of Mother Nature. Though Pink Kunzite stone is most popular, Kunzite also comes in Lavender, yellow, and in many different mixes of colors.

Cuttable Gem quality Kunzite with high transparency is faceted into gemstones. Such stones find their place inexpensive jewelry. Kunzite Crystals with inclusions are either tumbled or used as Raw. These kinds of crystals are used for wire wrapping and also for collectibles.

Most of the Kunzites come from Afghanistan. Gem Avenue is happy to bring you quality kunzite stones that you will fall in love with.

If you are in Charlotte, NC plan a visit to our metaphysical store. You will find lots of rare crystals and gemstones.