Heulandite Minerals

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Heulandite is a known zeolite member of the zeolite group and happens to be one of the most common of the minerals. Heulandite obtained its name in the year 1822 by a man of the name Henry James Brooke. He gave the mineral its name in honor of Johann Heinrich Heuland or more commonly known as John Henry, who was both a British mineral collect and mineral dealer.

Heulandites are known to form their larger-sized crystals in vesicles of volcanic rocks that are known to contain a small amount of metamorphism. However, Heulandite can be formed in other environments, but they do not usually form larger crystals when formed in these locations.

Heulandite can be found in various areas located around the world. They can be found in India, the Faroe Islands, and Italy, and have been found in the northeastern area of New Jersey. The majority of the world’s zeolites are derived from China. Not only does Heulandite come from various parts of the world, but it can also come in various colors and shades. Heulandite can come in yellow, orange, pale pink, brown, red, white, green, and can even be found colorless.

In the metaphysical belief, Heulandite is believed to aid in the ability to promote calmness of the mind as well as promote a meditative state. Heulandite is also said to be associated with the heart chakra which is why it is said that it contains the ability to aid in gaining access to the deepest part of one’s heart.