Hematoid Quartz

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Hematoid Quartz is a known member of the Quartz family and is distinguished by the presence of iron and Hematite sediments that are embedded within the stone. The color of Hematoid Quartz can range from a light yellow all the way to a vibrant brownish-red shade. What contributes to the various range of color Hematoid Quartz can be found in is based on the iron contents of the crystal. For example, the deeper the shade of red the means the iron content is higher in comparison to a Hematoid Quartz with a lighter shade. Hematoid Quartz has been around for thousands of years and was highly favored amongst Ancient Egyptian civilizations! Ancient Egyptians viewed Hematoid Quartz as a protective amulet, but they were not the only ones to find Hematoid Quartz a favorable crystal. Ancient Babylonians were known to write about the Hematoid Quartz's ability to aid in petitions to their king as well as help in legal proceedings. Even in modern times, Hematoid Quartz continues to be a highly revered crystal within the crystal healing community!

In metaphysical belief, Hematoid Quartz is a crystal of focus, balance, and self-esteem. Hematoid Quartz works in prompting empowering energies that will balance one’s mind and raise not only focus but one’s self-esteem as well. As a protective crystal, Hematoid Quartz is known to absorb any negative or dark energy and in doing so this will cleanse the holder of any energy that may hold them back. This will create a new pathway of light which will lead to positive changes in all aspects of the holder's life.

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