Hematite Minerals

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In the world today, Hematite is considered to be a very common and abundant mineral that is composed of iron oxide. It is also known as the most important ore of iron. Hematite is also known as the state mineral for the state of Alabama located in the United States. The name Hematite is derived from the Greek word "haimatites" which translates to "blood." It is commonly found in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks located around the world.

At one point in time, Hematite was able to be mined from thousands of locations scattered around the world but nowadays it can only be mined in a handful of large deposits that contain an abundant amount of equipment that allows them to both efficient mine and process Hematite. The majority of the world's Hematite derives from India, Ukraine, China, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Venezuela, South Africa, Canada, and even the United States.

Not only can Hematite come from various places around the world, but it can also come in various colors. Hematite can come in grey, red (commonly found in a blood red shade), black, and even brown.

In the metaphysical world, Hematite is believed to possess the ability to balance both emotions and energy between the mind, body, and spirit. Hematite is also said to aid in the ability to dissolve and keep the wearer from absorbing any and all negative energy.