Raw Hematite Crystal Jewelry

Hematite is one of the minerals on the surface of the earth. Hematite is the most important ore of iron. Although it has been mined in thousands of places around the world, today almost all production comes from large investments. It is bright and opaque with blue-black to silver-gray minerals. Hematite has many other uses, but its economic significance is small compared to that of iron ore.

From the second half of the nineteenth century, hematite rose to popularity as a gem. Hematite is a metallic gemstone that looks amazing when set into jewelry. Although hematite is not a mainstream gemstone, it is a collector's favorite because of its unique appearance. Hematite is used in many cultures around the world for its healing properties. It is thought to cleanse the blood. Hematite is used to create jewelry to a certain extent in styles such as sophisticated or casual, modern or vintage, and bohemian.

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