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Faden Quartz or also known as Tabular Quartz is a term utilized for a group of quartz crystals that contain a white thread or string-like zone that runs throughout the interior of the stone. The name Faden is derived from the German word faden which translates to thread. Faden quartz is often located within low-grade metamorphism where the cavities within the rock are expanding. The quartz crystals which are found enclosed in these areas are then repeatedly broken. Once these pieces begin to heal and regrow, the white threads Faden Quartz are known for then begin to form. Faden Quartz is mainly found within the Alpine regions of Arkansas located in the United States, but can also be found in Europe, Russia, and Pakistan.

The healing/metaphysical properties of Faden Quartz are known to be both strong and healing. Faden Quartz is a crystal of protection and self-healing. This crystal is known to not only cleanse one's aura but also stimulate the opening of Chakras. It is believed that the white strings found within Faden Quartz symbolize a cord that connects the holder to another person. Regardless of the split is in the cards, meditating with the Faden Quartz is said to mend not only the heart but the mind as well.

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