Epistilbite Minerals

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The name Epistilbite is derived from the Greek word “epi” which means similar and Stilbite for its similar chemical makeup and resemblance to the mineral Stilbite. Epistilbite is a hydrated sodium and calcium mineral and is considered a rare member of the zeolite family.

In fact, some of the largest Epistilbite crystals have been found in Berufjordur, Iceland. Most notable places Epistilbite can be found are in Maharashtra, India as well as in Jalgaon, Pune, Nasik, and Ahmednagar, India. It can be found in low-temperature hydrothermal, basalt, granites, and pegmatites cavities.

Epistilbite comes in various colors such as white, pink, red, yellow, brown, and even colorless. It contains a vitreous glass-like luster that can be either transparent or translucent. Epistilbite can form crystals called piezoelectric that are in monoclinic symmetry. Due to recent studies, it has been found that Epistilbite features mordenite, which is known as an equant crystal, and this is due to the aluminosilicate framework within the Epistilbite.

In crystal belief, it is said that Epistilbite contains the ability to emit energy of love and openness. It is said that Epistilbite also has the ability to be able to give off a calm feeling during times of stress along with aiding in the ability of unlimited knowledge.