Coral Crystal Jewelry

Coral is a small group of precious stones known as organic gemstones and is a member of an exclusive group. In many ancient cultures, coral jewelry was important for its extraordinary achievements. Coral is a soft gemstone that is easy to shape and operate and has been used for personal decoration in a variety of prehistoric ornaments. Coral is a symbol of life force energy, believed to bring unity to the heart. The use of coral in early jewelry evolved from mere decoration to talisman charms.

Coral is naturally found in many shades of white, black, blue, lavender, pink, and red. Although each color has been used in coral jewelry, red coral has grown aesthetically pleasing in jewelry. Most of the coral ornaments on the market today are bamboo coral or sponge coral, which gives the coral an attractive appearance without much price. Coral is seen as an amulet spread all over the world. According to Greek mythology, Perseus beheaded Medusa and caused blood to flow out.

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