Chalcedony Minerals

The name Chalcedony was derived from Chalcedon which is a known district within the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The name Chalcedony is also said to be derived from the Latin word “Chalcedonius” which is found used in Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia as a definition for a translucid kind of Japis. Scientifically Chalcedony is not its own mineral but in fact, it is a form variety of the Silica mineral quartz in a microcrystalline form. Chalcedony is known to be dense and contains a wax-like luster and at times it can be found either semitransparent or completely translucent but never completely transparent. It can come in a wide variety of colors such as white, gray, blue, brown, black, or even colorless. At times when shined with ultraviolet light Chalcedony can show a fluorescence often times in green color.

Chalcedony has been around for many years it was mainly being used for tool making dating back as early as 32,000 BP. In fact, during the first century in north-western Afghanistan, the heat would make wax impossible to stick, so as an alternative Chalcedony ended up being often used to make seal impressions. In earlier times Native Americans believed Chalcedony to be a sacred stone, it was often times used in ceremonial activities. During the 19th century, a place named Idar-Oberstein in Germany at the time became the largest Chalcedony processing center in the world, but nowadays Chalcedony comes from various parts of the world such as India, Iceland, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, and the United States.

Often times Chalcedony can be found alongside Agate in weathering volcanic rocks. Chalcedony can also at times be found in sedimentary rocks, but it is very rare for it to be found in either igneous or metamorphic rocks. There are dozens of varieties within the Chalcedony family such as Agate, Bloodstone, Carnelian, and Chrysoprase to name a few. In crystal beliefs, it is said that Chalcedony promotes emotional balance, and stamina/endurance, and alleviates hostilities and feelings of depression.

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Natural Chalcedony Crystal Mineral Specimen 7.5 Lb

This unique Chalcedony mineral specimen is truly like no other! This specimen contains a variety of vibrant colors such as various shades of grey and white along with subtle touches...
$1,048.00 $630.00

Natural Chalcedony Apophyllite Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen 2.3 Oz

Beautiful Chalcedony Apophyllite from Madhya Pradesh, India. This lovely piece contains a solid grey smooth bottom with a rough vibrant light green top, accompanied by a single clear crystal. Perfect...
$96.00 $33.00