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Brucite was said to have been first discovered by Archibald Bruce an American Mineralogist in the year 1824. Once realizing what he had discovered, Archibald Bruce decided to name the newfound mineral after himself. Brucite can be found in a variety of colors such as yellow, blue, pink, green, red, white, and colorless as well. It is formed in low temperatures and found to be located in the veins of metamorphic limestone rocks.

Brucite is known to have an abundance of metaphysical properties and is known for the healing vibrations it provides. In the perspective of metaphysical healing, Brucite provides positive energy and has the ability to stimulate success in life as well as good decision-making. Overall, the energy that Brucite provides is to help one understand their higher self. For anyone needing direction/guidance in their life and/or a push to accomplish their goals, Brucite is the way go to!

Brucite can be found in various places around the world such as Russia, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, the United States, China, Austria, Australia, and Germany. Gem Avenue obtains the majority of our Brucite from Pakistan. The mineral form of Brucite that we have contains a beautiful and vibrant shade of yellow that can range from a lighter shade to a darker shade of yellow and can at times have a subtle hint of grey and/or white.

We also offer Brucite in gemstone form that makes for gorgeous jewelry. Our Brucite jewelry is captivating and enchanting. With rich and vibrant colors, our jewelry is sure to be eye-catching and mesmerizing! Step into the light and watch how beautifully it shimmers! Our Brucite jewelry makes for excellent gifts or just a great reason to treat yourself!