Amazonite Crystal Jewelry

Amazonite, a copper-based feldspar material with a blue-green to turquoise hue, is lauded for its distinctive properties and has been used in jewelry crafting for centuries. With its lustrous, brilliant appearance, this variety of microcline makes an excellent choice for high-end jewelry designs. Its timeless beauty and remarkable qualities are undeniably appreciated by many.

Amazonite is a beautiful and unique gemstone, but it also has many desirable qualities. It's often referred to as the "Stone of Courage and Truth" for its ability to help soothe emotions and promote communication. In addition, Amazonite may balance out the heart chakra, ease fretful thoughts, still the mind, increase intuition, and thereby aid in meditation or other forms of calming activities.

Amazonite is a popular choice for creating jewelry. Beads, pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are all made with Amazonite in a range of designs. From simple bead-strung necklaces to delicate wire-wrapped pendants that bring out the gemstone's unique color and pattern, Amazonite has something for everyone.

Amazonite crystal jewelry is a perfect combination of beauty and versatility and has a wide range of uses. Not only is this stunning gemstone aesthetically pleasing but it also provides healing benefits and spiritual energies that can help energize your life. So when you're in the jewelry market, consider Amazonite - it's sure to bring more than just radiance to your look!


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