Beads per Strand 150 Beads
Shape Round
Size 2 to 4.5mm
Stone Opal
Strand Length 16.75 inch
title_tag Faceted Peruvian Opal Beads for Jewelry Making #RBE035 | Gem Avenue

Size (mm): 2 to 4.5
Strand Length: 16.75"
Qty: (approx.) 150/Strand

Peruvian opal is a very unique stone. A slab of Peruvian opal expresses three colors: light blue, yellowish-brown, and white. All of these colors can also be seen in the beads that come from it. Each strand has all of these colors, and some individual beads have all three at once. Extremely creative and fun to work with; these stones are sure to give your jewelry a Mesoamerican feel.