The phenomenon that is this unpolished Red Phantom Quartz crystals is incredibly mesmerizing. The story behind the name derives from the ghost crystal contained inside. This happens during the growth of the crystal when another mineral washes over the original crystal, but despite this event, it continues to grow beautifully.

A Red Phantom Quartz is a Quartz crystal that has another Ghost Crystal inside of it. The formation of phantom quartz is very interesting. The crystal in fact started its life cycle just like any other crystal. At some point in time during its growth, another mineral washed on top of it. This can happen due to a wide variety of events including volcanic eruptions and subsequent molten liquid-bearing minerals washing on top of the crystals in their natural growth phase. The crystal which got covered with such a foreign mineral left that event inscribed inside it and continued to grow past that event.

Based on the mineral that was washed in, the color of the ghost crystal may vary. Hematite deposit causes the phantom to appear red.

We humbly present our newest findings of rare red Phantom Quartz with Hematite. This comes from a mine closer to the state of Telangana in South India. While it is rare to find Phantom Quartz, the quality and clarity of the crystals from this mine are uniquely super.

In the metaphysical world, a Phantom Quartz is considered as an example where despite a life changing event that took place in its growth, the crystal grew past that event. This is perhaps an example for all of us that no event that happened in our life should stop us from growing.

  • Item# : RCR303-17-26gm
  • category-title : Phantom Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen Perfect Terminations
  • Color : Red
  • description_tag : Red Phantom Quartz crystal with Hematite from South India with perfect terminations. Unique growth pattern with ghost crystal inside, caused by hematite deposit, symbolizes growth despite life events. Rare and high-quality.
  • Location : Telangana,India
  • Stone : Phantom Quartz
  • title_tag : Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Gemstone Mineral Specimen Perfect Terminations #RCR236-5-7gm


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