Bloodstone Gemstone

Bloodstone is a dark green to a dark bluish-green variety of chalcedony adorned with a splatter of bright red spots, in which spotting appears similar to blood stains, as is indicative of the name of this gemstone. Bloodstone may also have red markings as stripes or veins, though spotting is the most prevalent and desirable habit. These red or brown spots in Bloodstone are formed by iron oxide impurities of Hematite and the green color is caused by dense inclusions of Chlorite or amphibole minerals.

Bloodstone Jewelry

Bloodstone is most often cut into cabochons and beads are very occasionally cut into other gemstone facets. It is used in Bracelets Necklaces and Rings Jewelry. Bloodstone has been traditionally used as a seal stone and is sometimes carved into small carvings and figures.

Bloodstone Jasper

Sometimes colors other than red dominate either alone or as a group of colors, the material is usually called fancy jasper. Jasperasper is used because of opaque chalcedony is, by definition, a jasper. Bloodstone is not called "jasper" because the name "bloodstone" is more specific.

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